Will you join us in supporting efforts to establish federal protection for your precious wild public lands
and rivers in San Diego County? A total of 63,982 acres of wilderness and 22.5 miles of river including:

Pine Valley Creek Wild and Scenic River proposal – 7.5 miles long

These areas are part of a statewide proposal to designate over 2.4 Million acres of Wilderness, and 22
Wild & Scenic Rivers! Join with scores of dedicated volunteers and dozens of organizations as we work to educate our community and local elected officials about the need to protect these areas …
• To safeguard our precious water supplies and recreational opportunities
• To preserve homes of plants and animals
• To protect our wild heritage for our families

Activities include:
• Information tabling at community events
• Public speaking at community organizations
• Letter-writing
• Outings to proposed areas
• Fundraising events
• Generating local support
• More!

Visit our web site for complete details:
www.wilderness4all.org - Southern California Wilderness Campaign

We’re looking forward to working with you!
858.442.1425 ~ geoffrey@partners4nature.com
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