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Your support and participation in grassroots activism is critical to the success of this wilderness and wild & scenic river campaign. We encourage you to join in the fun!

Wilderness4All grew out of the Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter, Forest & Wilderness Committee's involvement in the California Wild Heritage Campaign in the late 20th Century.  Campaign volunteers Geoffrey Smith and Camille Armstrong, recognizing that wilderness is much bigger than 'Sierra Club', sought to build a broader coalition of support in the San Diego and Imperial County region.  This is the happy result!

The following wild people are VOLUNTEERS who support wilderness and wild & scenic river designations because they know in their hearts it is the right thing to do...
Wild Coordinator

(Shown here in tree-hugger enviro stereotype ca. 2003.  Click image
for more mainstream persona)

Geoffrey D. Smith, Head Wild Volunteer and Spokesperson

Overall regional coordination, web site, list serve, media, and sole spokesperson authority for Wilderness4All.

Advisory Team members...

Camille Armstrong
camille @

Former regional organizer, hugely inspirational to all who know her

Cindy Buxton
iokuok2 @

Focus on Eagle Peak Complex and USDA Forest Service Cleveland National Forest lands

Larry Hogue

Focus on Table Mountain and Bureau of Land Management lands

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