Proposed Sunrise Powerlink Threatens Public Land

10/23/08 Update: Moving the proposed line out of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park does not SOLVE the problem all! The southern alternative being considered would BISECT the existing Hauser Canyon Wilderness and proposed extension, from the proposed Hauser Mountain Wilderness. THIS IS A NON-STARTER!!!

The powerline should not be built -- ANYWHERE.


A Lone Woman's Trek to Celebrate The Land, and Draw Attention to this Terrible Proposal

Kelly Fuller near Ocotillo Wells, the morning of April 15, 2006, Photo: Geoffrey Smith

SDG&E/Sempra Energy's proposed Sunrise Powerlink poses a threat to BLM, Forest Service , State, County, City and private lands along it's over 100-mile long corridor. Kelly Fuller, local energy activist, is drawing attention to the looming threat by walking 80 miles of the proposed route, beginning near El Centro. Her 'Walking the Line' trek is taking her through BLM and Anza-Borrego State Park public lands, Her trek is scheduled to end -- 10-days and 80 miles after she started -- on April 20. I had the privilege of joining Kelly on day 5 as she reached the half-way point in Ocotillo Wells. Here are some YouTube (TM) video clips of this quest of discovery:

Kelly walking the Powerline Road near Ocotillo Wells, with the Fish Creek Mountains Wilderness (established in 1994 under the California Desert Protection Act) in the distance. In this movie clip, Kelly approaches an existing lower-voltage power pole (approx. 69 - 120KV.) The poles shown in this video would be replaced by 150-foot tall four-legged steel structures if the proposed power line were to be constructed. Listen to the wind -- and the solitude.

Hiking in the desert can be a fun experience, as this video clip of Kelly and hiking companion Camille Armstrong readily demonstrates!

The San Felipe substation, near Ocotillo, would double in size should the proposed power line be built. Listen to the menacing 'hummmmmm'.


Desert Protective Council
The Desert Protective Council
Since 1954 
The leading desert protection and advocacy organization for over 50 years

Peoples Power Link - Leading power link opposition

Sierra Club Smart Energy Solutions Campaign - The Sierra Club. What can I say.

Sierra Club North County Group SPL info

CPUC environmental reports - includes links to comments, maps, documents. Everything is here.

Fig. ES-4. Final Environmentally Superior Northern Route Alternative and Final Environmentally Superior Southern Route Alternative (4.8MB) - this shows the damaging southern proposed allignment, which would take out: Carrizo Gorge, Hauser Canyon and Hauser Mountain proposed wilderness and wilderness additions. Table Mtn WSA would also be impacted.

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