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"Let us partner with you!"



Partners4Nature is in business to support you: The nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental protection and education.  Here are some of our services.  Give us a call.  Let's talk.

In each of these service offerings, we partner with your organization, headline your organization name through use of your signage and logo, and promote your organization mission through our actions.  It's kind of like we are you!

Let us partner with you on...

grassroots organizing and outreach - It takes a village to fulfill your organization's mission.  We know what it takes to mobilize constituents and volunteers.  Let us partner with you to get it done.  We can supplement your tabling outreach, public events, speaking engagements.  When your resources are spread too thing, we can help.

citizen public lands stewardship - With nearly three decades of on-the-ground experience managing citizen steward habitat restoration and cleanup projects.  We can partner with you to build on your existing lands stewardship program, or support a project from conception to action.  We have the skills to manage, and the equipment to support.   We bring our own own utility/cargo trailer, assorted hand tools, folding tables and pop-up shade-covers -- so you don't have to.  We'll make your next citizen steward or outreach event a streamlined success.

grant writing - Writing a winning grant proposal takes a combination of good project design, good use of the English language, and a thorough understanding of the needs of grant funders in general, and the subject grant funder in particular.  A true partnership is needed to ensure success.   We're there for you.

project management - Scheduling, budgeting, resource management -- sometimes a project lends itself to outsourcing.  We can step in to partner with you and get it done.

program management - One of your programs may need a bit of TLC, or additional staff support, yet you don't have the resources to bring on more staff.  We can partner with you to deliver the management support you need, without the overhead of hiring additional staff.

ebase (tm) and DonorPerfect (tm) system support and training - The best way to leverage your members and donors is to know them.  Really know them.  And know something about their relationships -- with your organization, your community, and with each other.  ebase (tm) and DonorPerfect (tm) are two systems that Partners4Nature has a great deal of experience with.  We can also partner with you to identify the right system for your organization, based on your needs and your budget.  The marketplace is crowded with system and service options -- we can help you make sense of it all.

information technology support - You can take the boy out of IT, but you can't take the IT out of the boy!  Partner Geoffrey has over 25 years of professional software and information technology experience.  Don't let it go to waste -- let us partner with you to improve your office, social media, and cyber technology resources. 

legislative advocacy - We are veterans of many advocacy campaigns, and are no strangers to clipboards, ironing boards (for the petitions), and the halls of government, be they city, county, state or federal.  When done with enthusiasm and a clear objective, it's lots of fun!

board development - Board manual creation, board matrix development, and board policy guidelines.  These important tools are often overlooked, with unfortunate results.  We'll partner with you to get your Board ship-shape, and able to partner with administrative staff in a cooperative and supportive fashion.

fundraising development - Don't make the mistake of thinking that 'Fundraising' is the same as 'Fundraising Development'.  Two different animals (pdf document) .  We'll partner with you to develop strategies for achieving success in development of your financial resources.

strategic planning - We'll partner with your organization to conduct the critical 'pre-planning' process that leads up to the development of a strategic plan.  With a comprehensive set of Goals and measurable Objectives, both staff and board members can work as a team to achieve great things.

PA sound reinforcement - Many public events are less successful than they should be due to the lack of an adequate public address (PA) system.  With a little forethought -- and a line item on the action plan for 'Sound Equipment' -- a good event can become a fantastic event.  We'll partner with you to provide what you need, from a small portable self-powered system (Nady WA-120) adequate for groups of 5 - 50, to a large professional self-powered PA system (Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum), capable of supporting multiple presenters (as in a panel discussion) or musicians, and groups of up to 2,000 (that's a lot of people.)  All of our systems are completely portable, with battery-capability -- perfect for outdoor venues such as street performances, rallys, press conferences, and concerts.  We operate the systems for you, so you can concentrate on the delivery.  See our small portable PA system and large professional PA system in action!

event support - We have decades of experience organizing events, from outdoor rallies, to indoor banquets, to volunteer events and cleanups.  We have the know-how, and the equipment to get it done. 


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Programs and Technology



"Let us partner with you!"


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