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Land Preservation

October 2005

EDUCATIONAL BULLETIN – Sewer System Proposal for ‘Harmony Grove Village’ Development: Your calls and letters needed!

click here for aerial photo/map of project location (Courtesy Google)

Discord in Harmony Grove! Will ‘Harmony Grove Village’ bring sewer system to Harmony Grove? The project’s developer, New Urban West (NUW), thinks so! After first promoting it’s project as a 742 single-family detached home development on 468 acres using a ‘package sewer’ system, we now find NUW before the Escondido City Council requesting hookup to the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF.) By 4 – 1 vote in September, the Escondido City Council approved a $587,000 ‘capacity study’ to consider the use of City sewer facilities by a project that lies completely outside of not only the City’s limits, but also outside of it’s ‘sphere of influence.’ Approximately two years ago, the Harmony Grove community petitioned to have the project area removed from the sphere, thereby placing the project 100% under the jurisdiction of the County of San Diego. This ‘de-sphering’ was approved by the LAFCO commission. ( The San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is a regulatory agency with county-wide jurisdiction to discourage urban sprawl and encourage the orderly formation and development of local government agencies essential to the social, fiscal, and economic well-being of the state.) The current proposal to establish a ‘sewer maintenance district’ in the County and connect to the City’s sewer system is not only a shameful ‘end run’ around the wishes of Harmony Grove residents to retain the rural character of their community – it is also illegal under Government Code 56133 which prohibits a local agency from providing sewer services outside its jurisdictional boundary.

Key Issues:

The Escondido Creek Conservancy opposes the project as currently proposed for the following reasons:

What You Can Do:

You are urged to write to your elected officials to express your views in opposition to this project as currently proposed. Jurisdiction for the development project falls under the Board of Supervisors, County of San Diego. Oversight for the Contractual Sewer Services Agreement proposed between the City of Escondido, County of San Diego and New Urban West falls under LAFCO. Please call or write today:

Michael Ott, Executive Director, LAFCO, 619.531.5400, 619.557.4190 fax, mike.ott@sdcounty.ca.gov

LAFCO Commissioners:

Very important to contact as well: